The Problem: Our sloping front yard had started to erode and got pretty bad very quickly. The old, concrete steps had begun to buckle and dirt started pulling away from the house. We would have several inches of mud and dirt on the sidewalk after every rain. The situation was not just unsightly but also became dangerous.

The Solution: Chris and his AMAZING TEAM at Stone Pro! We had gotten several estimates and they were all actually pretty close in cost. However, as soon as I met with Chris, I knew that I wanted him to do the job. It was very evident to me how committed he was to making sure that our front yard not only became stable but also turned out as beautiful as I had hoped. He was very patient with ALL of my questions : ) and
explained the process and what to expect. Since I am a control freak, I had planned on working from home during the entire process but after 2 days, I was so confident in the professionalism and the work that his guys were doing, back to the office I went.

The finale to my experience was that we were actually on vacation when Stone Pro finished the job. Because Chris wanted it to be perfect when we arrived back home he even spoke with me and arranged to have sod put down while we were away. Needless to say, pulling up to the front of the house after 8 days of being gone was like Christmas morning for me – I nicknamed Chris “Santa Claus”.

The final product was so incredibly beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Stone Pro to anyone.