Best Bang for the Buck!

We decided that our 1985 170′ railroad tie retaining wall surrounding our property had seen its better day and needed replacing. That was a no-brainer…the real question was who to contract with to remove the old wall and construct a suitable replacement.

We asked neighbors, friends, co-workers, real estate agents, and anyone else we could think of for recommendations…we conducted internet searches, CraigsList searches…we were pretty thorough. We were looking for a firm that would design/choose an appropriate solution and could complete the removal & installation from start to finish.

We solicited estimates/bids from 4 different firms…with multiple types of wall materials an option…they all came out and gave it a hands-on look…and we received 6+ bids, wood, stone, PaveStone. I talked to Chris several times on the phone, exchanged text messages and emails…discussed materials, time frames, anticipated lawn/neighbor/neighborhood impact, and ultimately price. Chris convinced me that a milsap stone solution was a very good fit for my application, both engineering and cost-effectiveness wise, and would last longer than a wood solution. He said they’d be in on Monday, finished by Thursday, the existing wall would be removed, and the old ties trucked off.

To make a long story short, Chris and his crew showed up on Monday and were finished by Thursday. The wall looks great, no-doubt functions great…will certainly last longer then the wood replacement retaining walls in the area…the adjoining neighbor is pleased…the pool and yard the wall is designed to help keep in place are pleased…the solution just fits with the neighborhood. All that would be good enough news, but the kicker is…Stone Pro was the best value…it wasn’t even close.

Give Chris a call…the conversation will be friendly and more than worth your time.