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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With a Pool Renovation in Bedford, Plano, or Fort Worth, TX

Welcome to Stone Pro Outdoors, your trusted partner in crafting unparalleled outdoor living experiences. We are proud to partner with Urban Retreat Pools and Renolit, a German founded company that has been developing and producing plastic solutions for over 75 years. Renolit stands at the pool membrane technology forefront with more than 2 million installations, a widespread and well-known solution in Europe while newer in the U.S. As an initial certified U.S. installer of Renolit, Urban Retreat Pools provides a watertight and aesthetically beautiful pool solution for new or remodel installations.

These premium waterproofing membranes not only enhance your pool’s durability and aesthetics, but also ensure a seamless blend with outdoor landscapes, embodying luxury and longevity.

Pool Renovation Projects

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About Renolit’s Pool Liners

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Renolit stands at the forefront of pool liner technology, renowned for its innovative and high-quality products. With the Touch and Vogue collections, Renolit redefines pool aesthetics, blending durability with design excellence. The Touch collection brings the tactile sensation of natural elements to your pool, offering a unique, lifelike texture. Meanwhile, the Vogue collection, inspired by contemporary design trends, transforms your pool into a stylish statement piece. These collections ensure that your pool renovation with Stone Pro Outdoors is not just an upgrade, but a transformation into a luxurious and inviting oasis.

Renolit Pool membrane

Benefits of Reinforced PVC Pool Membrane

New to North American Pools

Already dominant in 80% of European homes, reinforced pool membranes are now entering the North American residential market, after over 35 years in commercial use.

Unmatched Durability

Renolit PVC pool membranes offer unparalleled resistance to stretching, weathering, chemicals, bacteria, and aging, ensuring long-lasting pool integrity.

Long-Term Reliability and Savings

With a 10-year warranty, Renolit PVC membranes boast lower maintenance costs than concrete, tile, and other finishes without cracking.

And Much More

Discover the extensive advantages of Renolit PVC pool membranes, where superior quality meets innovation for unparalleled pool performance and longevity.

What Installers Are Saying About Reinforced PVC Membrane

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“This construction system is the perfect combination of strength and waterproofing, I think it’s the next big thing that is going to take over the industry; it makes so much sense.”

“This reinforced PVC is not only watertight but also aesthetically pleasing and durable, as we did not want the consumer to frequently change out the liner, repair, replaster, or repaint the pool regularly.”

“This reinforced PVC interior finish is truly the best option for our new Pool but is also ideal for renovating pools as well. It’s fast to install, eliminates the headaches associated with scheduling around weather conditions, holds up to freeze-thaw conditions and can be left without water for long periods of time.”

“With the reinforced PVC pool interior finish, we can take on renovation projects that are riskier. We can install the product on pools that are not perfectly build, as the reinforced PVC is more forgiving to movement and cracking and will still hold water to provide a complete waterproofing system regardless of future ground shifting.”

Make Your Style Unique

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Whether it’s the Touch collection that brings the tactile sensation of natural elements and texture, the Vogue collection, inspired by contemporary designs, or another collection by Renolit, there are various options for your unique style. All are backed by a 10-year warranty on watertightness.

Make Your Pool Unique