Backyard Ponds

Enhance Your Backyard’s Beauty With a Pond

We Offer Custom Stone Work For Your Bedford, Plano, Or Fort Worth, TX Property

Have you dreamed of having a pond in your yard where plants flourish and fish swim freely? Stone Pro Outdoors creates backyard ponds to beautify your property. We plan and build breathtaking spaces that are nearly maintenance-free. We’re able to build a pond in just about any area and will meet with you to discuss your preferences and desires. We’ll determine the best plants for the amount of sunlight the location receives, too. Contact Stone Pro Outdoors today to start planning your pond in Bedford, Plano, or Fort Worth, TX.

Ponds Projects

5 Things To Consider When Building a Backyard Pond

  1. The amount of space you’d like the pond to take up
    2. If you’d like a waterfall feature added
    3. The amount of maintenance it requires
    4. If you’d like to incorporate a seating area
    5. The effect on the immediate area